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4:03pm 11-20-2006
can i have a boy charmander
3:50pm 11-20-2006
how do you get pokemon
10:09am 05-05-2006
Hi to you too My account name is johtolaura. I don't know where the owner's gone. Why don't you start a topic?
9:27am 04-25-2006
4:22am 04-11-2006
How come Lady Lita's gone? She hasn't visited for days. I'm leaving soon if she doesn't come back
1:02pm 03-30-2006
Don't worry about your site, I'm sure more people will come soon. I really like it and will post almost everyday
4:05pm 03-25-2006
Lady Lita
I'm truly disappointed. Nobody has posted for weeks. Inactive or unvalidated users are warned to become active or become deleted!!! This is your first warning!!!
10:10am 03-22-2006
Lady Lita
Hello! I'm back! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
10:21am 03-10-2006
Hi! I just registered for the site, and I'd like to say it's looking good so far Good luck with it, and hopefully I'll stick with it
1:11pm 03-09-2006
Lady Lita
I will be away from the computer for a while. Could somebody moderate for me while I'm gone?
2:17am 03-04-2006
Lady Lita
The link with the image of 6 pokemon on the bottom of the site is a link to a new website I made. The site may need a little work, but I have plenty on my mind as it is! If anyone would kindly volunteer to become a moderator for some of the trainers, I would truly appreciate it! Thanks!
3:09pm 02-24-2006
Lady Lita
Please welcome our newest member, Tracy!
12:59pm 02-24-2006
Lady Lita
Please welcome our newest member, Shigaruvolt!
12:58pm 02-24-2006
Lady Lita
Please welcome our newest member, Shigaruvolt! He has volunteered to write the pokedex, so please thank him!
2:33pm 02-22-2006
Lady Lita
Please sign my new guestbook! I would like to hear your opinions on my site!
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